How to import catalog data from other cataloger?

Supported file formats for import are as follows:

  1. DiskCatalogMaker catalog file
  2. DiskTracker tab delimited text file 7.5 or later

DiskCatalogMaker catalog file

If you would like to import DiskCatalogMaker catalog from another Mac, you can merge it to existing catalog.

DiskTracker tab delimited text file

  1. Select “Tabs” at “DiskTracker menu > Preferences > General > Delimit fields with”.

  2. Turn on “Show time with date in catalog window” at “DiskTracker menu > Preferences > View”.
  3. Turn off “Use relative date” at “DiskTracker menu > Preferences > View”.

  4. Turn on all fields in “View menu > List Views…”.

  5. Choose “Export As TEXT…” from File menu.
  6. Turn on “File sizes in bytes, then click “Save”.

  7. Import the text file from “File menu > Import” of DiskCatalogMaker.