Where is my catalog data?

If you would like to know where is my catalog file, press a command(⌘) key and click the icon on the title bar of the catalog window.

Where is my catalog data?

version 6.4.14 ou antérieure
Note: On version 6.4.14 or earlier, the default location for saving catalog files was “Home/Library/Applications Support/DiskCatalogMaker”.

DiscCatalogMaker RE (Roxio Toast bundled version) users
If you have Roxio Toast Titanium, your main catalog file was stored in “Home/Library/Applications Support/Roxio/DCM/”.
See also: What’s DiscCatalogMaker RE (Roxio Edition)?

DiskCatalogMaker LE (Mac App Store version) users
If you were using DiskCatalogMaker LE (version 6.4.12 or earlier), your main catalog file was stored in “Home/Library/Applications Support/DiskCatalogMaker LE/”.
See also: What’s the Mac App Store Edition?

FYI: How to show the Library folder:
Apple Support: What is the Library folder?