Hoe kan ik commentaar geven op de vertalingen?

If you think there is an error in one of the phrases in DiskCatalogMaker.app or this web site, we welcome your feedback!

Via our translation management system

Open Translation Management System

You can login the system with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

You can add your own translations or vote for good translations. We will review the votes and feedback on various translations we receive before making them available on our application.

Via email or in-app messenger

Stuur uw reactie, inclusief onderstaande informatie:

  1. Schermafbeelding van de zin. (Waar zag u de zin?)
  2. Uw taal.
  3. Verkeerde zin.
  4. Correcte zin.

You can send your feedback via the in-app messenger “Provide DiskCatalogMaker Feedback” in the DiskCatalogMaker menu. You can drag-and-drop an image file onto the in-app messenger window. If you are using Mac App Store edition, please email it to <support+lang@diskcatalogmaker.com>.

Thanks for your feedback!