Can I share a catalog database on my network?

Note: It is not a good idea to share a large catalog database via slow network. We recommend you to use a file sync solution (like Dropbox) and keep the catalog database in local drive.

DiskCatalogMaker supports “shared catalog file access via AppleShare file server / AFP.” You can read a file from two (or more) Macs via AFP. You can write to the file from a Mac via AFP. You can not write to the file from two Macs at the same time. Please wait for another Mac.

DiskCatalogMaker will lock your catalog file when the file is modified (if the modification is not saved). Another DiskCatalogMaker will tell you the catalog is locked (readonly mode). (You can see the readonly icon at the bottom of the catalog window.)

DiskCatalogMaker will unlock your catalog file when the modification is saved. (To save the file, please select “Save” from the File menu.) Another DiskCatalogMaker will reload the catalog file and refresh your catalog window.

Please do not access the file via other protocols instead of AFP, and do not access the file directly on the server. To share the catalog file on these non-AFP protocol, please place the catalog file on the server with “read-only” mode. If the catalog is modified from two Macs via non-AFP protocol, it will be damaged.

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