Why were some files/folders skipped? / Why is the folder size smaller than shown by the Finder?

Case 1: DiskCatalogMaker cannot scan a file/folder of which the current user does not have reading permissions.

If you would like to scan the file/folder, add the read permission at the “Get Info” window in the Finder.

Case 2: If you are using macOS 10.14 Mojave or later, DiskCatalogMaker cannot scan a file/folder protected by macOS. To avoid the limitation, enable the Full Disk Access for DiskCatalogMaker.app using additional steps below:

  1. Open “System Preferences” (from the Apple menu).

  2. Open “Security & Privacy”.

  3. Select the “Privacy” tab. (macOS 12 or earlier)

  4. Select the “Full Disk Access” in the left-side list.

  5. Click the lock icon “Click the lock to make changes” at the left bottom corner of the window to allow changes. (macOS 12 or earlier)

  6. (a) If “DiskCatalogMaker” is in the right-side list, turn on its checkbox.
    (b) If “DiskCatalogMaker” is not in the right-side list, drag the DiskCatalogMaker.app icon from Finder to the list.

  7. Relaunch DiskCatalogMaker.app.

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