The application has crashed!

Please send the crash log using "Send Bug Report to Developer…" in the DiskCatalogMaker menu. Shareware Edition

You can also send the crash log via email. Please control-click "DiskCatalogMaker_YYYY_MM_DD_XXX_XXX.crash" at "User Diagnostic Reports" of "/Applications/Utilities/Console.app" to support@diskcatalogmaker.com. All Editions

Case 1: The application crashed when opening the file open/save navigation dialog.

If you are using DefaultFolderX, please get the latest version of DefaultFolderX from the developer.
If you are using SCFinderPlugin, please disable it.

Case 2: The application crashed when searching on a catalog file.

It seems that your catalog has been damaged because of previous crash, if your another catalog has no problem. You can find the damaged data with these steps:

  1. Get the latest version of DiskCatalogMaker.
  2. Create a new catalog file.
  3. Select one disk in the damaged catalog file.
  4. Drag and drop it to the new catalog’s window.
    If the catalog data of the disk is damaged, the application will crash or say an error message.
  5. Save the new catalog with the rescued catalog data.
  6. Continue from (3) for each disk.

Please rebuild the missing catalog data using the original disk. Then trash the damaged catalog file.

Case 3: The application crashed when viewing a catalog.

LazyMouse or some other extensions which interrupt Universal Access functions can not use with DiskCatalogMaker. Please turn off these third-party extensions.