How to uninstall DiskCatalogMaker?

  1. Drag the DiskCatalogMaker application to the Trash.

  2. Drag the preferences files to the Trash.
    (root of your Macintosh HD) / Library / Preferences / com.mac.fujisoft.DiskCatalogMaker.plist
    (your home) / Library / Preferences / com.mac.fujisoft.DiskCatalogMaker.plist

  3. Drag your unnecessary catalog files to the Trash. (The file name extension is ".dcmd", ".dcmf" or ".dcm".)
    If you have Toast Titanium, you can find the main catalog file at:
    (your home) / Library / Application Support / Roxio / DCM / Disc Catalog

  4. Empty the trash.

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