How to import catalog data from other cataloger?

Supported file formats for import are as follows:

  1. DiskCatalogMaker catalog file
  2. DiskTracker tab delimited text file DiskCatalogMaker 7.5 or later

DiskCatalogMaker catalog file

If you would like to import a DiskCatalogMaker catalog from another Mac, you can merge it with an existing catalog.

DiskTracker tab delimited text file

  1. Select “Tabs” at “DiskTracker menu > Preferences > General > Delimit fields with”.

  2. Turn on “Show time with date in catalog window” at “DiskTracker menu > Preferences > View”.
  3. Turn off “Use relative date” at “DiskTracker menu > Preferences > View”.

  4. Turn on all fields in “View menu > List Views…”.

  5. Choose “Export As TEXT…” from File menu.
  6. Turn on “File sizes in bytes”, then click “Save”.

  7. Import the text file from “File menu > Import” of DiskCatalogMaker.